Celebrities Who Use Ayurveda as Alternative Medicine

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Celebrities Who Use Ayurveda as Alternative Medicine

Celebrities Who Use Ayurveda as Alternative Medicine

Regular Ayurvedic practices have become part of the lifestyle of many world stars and high-ranking people in all corners of the globe.ayurvedic herbs

World tabloids abound with Ayurvedic menu details by Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Peltrow, Kate Moss and Demi Moore , drawn up according to their constitutive doshas. Hollywood actors Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba tell reporters about yoga classes as the most effective tool for managing tedious shooting schedules. And the singers Adam Levine and Ricky Martin claim that meditation sessions help them to avoid the colossal stress associated with a public lifestyle.

The craze of celebrities for Ayurvedic trends and methods could be taken as following a modern fashion for oriental exoticism if you did not know that the history of recognition of the traditional Indian medical system by eminent persons has been going on for more than a decade.

Back in the forties of the last century, Gretta Garbo and Gloria Swensen turned to the teachings of Indra Devi - one of the first women yogis to introduce the Indian culture and Vedic canons to the Western world - having felt how Eastern practices allowed them to increase their workability by many times, while keeping their nervous system. In the wake of the actresses, Jennifer Jones, Roman Novarro and many other Hollywood actors of the time began to glorify a special diet, yoga and meditation.

Stars of the old world did not lag behind overseas colleagues. In the late sixties, the cult The Beatles, in the company of musicians from the Rolling Stones, made their first trip to Rishikesh - the world capital of yoga and yogis, where they lived in the Maharishi Indian ashram for about three months. Amazed and inspired by the Vedic philosophy and culture that he discovered, the artists expressed themselves not only in the new musical material (by the way, critics agree that this Indian period of the Beatles' creativity was the most fruitful for the entire existence of the group), John Lennon and Mick The Jagers also declared the power of meditation practices on the path to healing the body and encouraged their fans to pilgrimage to mystical India.

Amid the spread of the hippie subculture, interest supported by British celebrities, and the popularity of especially charismatic Indian gurus in Europe and America, hundreds of new pilgrims flocked to India, who later returned with new knowledge about Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga and meditation.

Despite the fact that the largest pharmacological centers were formed in Great Britain that opposed integrative or holistic medicine, the royal family began to support homeopathic hospitals. Prince of Wales Charles took great interest in the Ayurvedic principles of healing. After meeting with Dr. Mosafar Ali and learning about his healing techniques, he supported the organization of the foundation, and then the Center for Integrative Medicine in London. This is the only center where doctors are taught an integrated approach to treating patients based on the experience of various wellness systems.

Having discovered Ayurveda, Charles, and later his wife Camilla, became frequent guests of Ayurvedic hotels in Kerala and Karnataka, and also visited many holy places throughout the country: they visited the shores of the holy Ganges in Haridwar and Rishikesh, in the famous Hindu temple complex Akshardham, where according to the Vedic canons they performed ritual offerings. The prince celebrated his recent sixty-fifth anniversary in the five-star Lake Kumarakom Lake Resort, famous for its magnificent Ayurveda and clean ecology.

Also, the famous Ayurvedic clinic located in the vicinity of Bangalore - “Suokya”, which was founded by a family of hereditary doctors and expanded into a comprehensive holistic wellness center in which more than a dozen different medical methods and directions are proud of the royal family’s repeated visits. In addition to Prince Charles, such famous people as Madonna, Tina Turner, Sting, Deepak Chopra came to the Suokya Clinic for treatment and the number of such celebrities does not decrease every year.

Ayurveda and other Indian practices not only changed the artists' lifestyles, but also found the most direct reflection in their work. They are associated with bold musical experiments of the 70s by Mick Jager and George Harrison, the expansion of the repertoire of Tina Turner in the 80s, due to the inclusion of Vedic mantras in it. Sting, following John Lennon, calls consciousness-cleansing meditation the best way to gain musical inspiration.

Former leader of The Polis, Sting became interested in yogic practices in the late 80s, thanks to his chance acquaintance with yoga master Denny Paradise. Now the artist has more than 30 years of yoga, taichi, meditation, pranayama and other wellness practices. Esoteric teachings, which the artist follows with all seriousness, became for him assistants in finding inner harmony. Together with his wife, actress Trudy Styler, Sting made several trips to Kerala's Ayurvedic clinics, where he attended the Panchakarma program, a set of cleansing procedures to rid the body of toxins and the mind of oppressive thoughts. Supporting Ayurvedic philosophy, the couple try to create an aura of positive thoughts around themselves and often engage in charity, bringing love and good to the world.

Another Hollywood star known for her truly serious immersion in Indian practices is Madonna. Having gone through the difficult path of diets, fasting, exhausting workouts and other attempts to be in shape, in the early 90's the star discovered Ayurvedic philosophy and yoga. Now, when speaking in an interview about beauty and health, the singer always emphasizes that it is thanks to Ayurvedic therapy, meditation and a vegetarian diet that she feels younger and lighter than twenty years ago.

Madonna makes the main emphasis on doing ashtanga yoga - a very intense type of yoga for weight loss, similar to aerobics, which helps the star maintain a healthy tone at her far young age.

Yoga, as a set of practices, has long been firmly entrenched in the lifestyle of many Hollywood celebrities. Jennifer Aniston - a fan of hatha yoga - the ancestor of modern techniques, has been practicing classes for more than 20 years. Canadian actress Nina Dobrev does bikram yoga - a set of exercises conducted in a room heated to 40 degrees. Singer Lady Gaga prefers active power yoga for weight loss. And actress Rachel McAdams chooses kundalini yoga, which includes special exercises to work with the energy that is born at the base of the spine. Jessica Alba and Emma Watson do regular meditations; Victoria`s Sicret supermodels promote various types of yoga, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Peltrow go to Ayurvedic resorts to undergo the Panchakarma Cleansing Course.

In Russia, Vera Brezhneva, Ksenia Sobchak, Valeria, Maria Sharapova and other celebrities include themselves as yoga practitioners. Singer Sati Casanova, after traveling in India, took a kriya yoga course with the famous guru Vishwananda and even received a certificate of instructor. She is not only a vegan and practices yoga daily, but also performs great classical Indian mantras, including in front of President Putin and Prime Minister Modi.

Our Andrei Makarevich and Boris Grebenshchikov, who, as well as the lead singer of the Spleen group Alexander Vasiliev, can be proud of many years of practice of qigong and yoga, have repeatedly visited the ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Ayurvedic courses were held by German Gref and Vladimir Yevtushenkov, and even Victor Pelevin himself, however, the Russian Ayurvedic elders should include Mikhail Zadorny, who recently left the physical plan, who traveled to India many times to the Panchakarm program, as well as the famous nuclear physicist Academician Nikolai Nikolaevich Ponomarev-Stepnoy, who turns 90 this year.

The list of musicians, actors, politicians and other famous personalities who have made a choice in favor of the complex or any of the Ayurvedic practices can be continued for a very long time. However, one conclusion can be made - if you want to live a healthy, conscious and creative life, you should adhere to a healthy lifestyle and regularly undergo cleansing Ayurvedic procedures.